Q: I got an error message during the payment process. What should I do?

A:If you got an error message on our website, please check your order status.

  • Because we process a lot of payments at the same time, it might take a while before the order status is updated. We hope we can count on your patience and understanding.

  • For some payment methods, you might get redirected to another page of a third financial party. If you received an error message here, it is best to get in touch with your payment provider directly.

     Besides, you can click 'Chat Now' and input order number there for further checking. 


Q: I paid for my order already, but I haven’t received a message from my bank. What’s going on?

A: Because we are processing a high of amount payments at the same time, it might take a bit longer than usual before you get an update from your bank.

  • If the order status says: Payment being verified, it means we’ve already started processing your payment.

  • Please check your order status again in 6 hours.


Q:I cannot use a coupon or get discount. What can I do?

A: Please contact us at


Q:have paid for my order. Why does the order status still say Awaiting       Payment?

A:Please check whether you have placed repeat orders with the same price and same product, but only paid for one of them. 

Note: Please confirm with bank if extra money was deducted from your account. 

If you did not place any repeat orders, please contact your card issuer to check whether the payment was actually deducted from your account. If your bank confirms that the money was deducted by Kiddieshop, please contact us and provide us your bank statement.


Q:Why has my order been closed?

A:Sometimes orders are closed for security reasons. If you received an email from us please follow the instructions here. If you do not receive an email, you can try to place the order again later.


Q:My order has been closed. When will I get my refund?

A:If your paid order has been closed/cancelled, your payment will be refunded to your account. This normally takes about 3 to 7working days. Please wait patiently to receive it in your account.


Q:Why is my payment being verified again while the payment has already been confirmed?

A:We normally do another round of internal verification to ensure payment safety. This normally takes no longer than 24 hours.

Successful verification > the orders status  changed to 'Awaiting Shipment'.

Unsuccessful verification > order status will be changed to 'Closed'.


Q:How long does shipping take?

A: Our shipping takes 10-15working days


Q: Is there tracking number?

A: Yes, we do provide tracking number once order is made.


Q:Where is my order?

A: Check the tracking number in your email address and track your order


Q:The product I received does not match the description. What can I do?

A:If you are not satisfied with the product you received, contact  us to agree on a solution.

Q: I have not received my order. What can I do?

A:If you haven’t received your order, please try the below method to solve the problem:

Method: You can track your order with the tracking number given that was provided during the purchase. you as well chat with us or contact us at